Country Home Celebration

It’s hard to beat the intimacy of a home wedding. On the other hand, it’s hard to beat the beauty, scale, and grandeur of a professional wedding venue. When we got to Raymond and Kellie’s wedding, we immediately knew we were on the property of a full-time wedding venue. The decor was darling, the space was dazzling, and the execution of everything was flawless. Imagine our surprise when we discovered that it was actually their very own home! They truly got the best of both worlds, with a wedding that somehow managed to be stunningly beautiful and incredibly intimate.

We will never forget the way Raymond looked at his bride. He wore this look from the moment he first saw her, never once changing his expression of utter love and devotion. He never dared to take for granted any moment he was able to spend with his soulmate. Kellie gave as good as she got and then some, with a joy that brightened everything around her. Surrounded by family and friends in their country home in Yamhill, Oregon, Raymond and Kellie committed themselves to one another, and it was our absolute privilege to be a part of such a wonderful experience.

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